A Brief History of Buddhist Geeks

Buddhist Geeks was original conceived by Vincent Horn & Ryan Oelke in 2006 and the Buddhist Geeks Podcast was subsequently launched at the beginning 2007.  It instantly become one of the most downloaded podcast in the Buddhist category, and has since been downloaded 10+ million times.

In 2010 Vincent Horn took over as the sole creative behind Buddhist Geeks and launched a Digital Magazine & In-Person Conference.  The Buddhist Geeks Conference continued for 4 years (2011-2014), with over a 1000 people attending the event during this time.   The exposure from the Conference helped propel Buddhist Geeks to a new level of public notoriety and cultural influence.

During this time the Buddhist Geeks also experimented with a number of virtual practice & community forms, including the Buddhist Geeks Life Retreat & Buddhist Geeks Dojo.  These projects were put to rest when Vincent Horn & Emily Horn moved their formal teaching activities to a new project,  Soon after this Buddhist Geeks itself was shut down (there was even a Death Poem).  

In 2017 Buddhist Geeks began to once again stir from the bardo and has subsequently been reborn.  Going back to it's roots, it has come back with the Buddhist Geeks Podcast and is kicking off with a new series (more info forthcoming!)


Dharma in the Age of the Network

Buddhist Geeks has gone through a number of creative iterations.  In the beginning we were "Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky", meaning we were seriously into Buddhism and geeky about it.  

A number of years later we framed our exploration as "exploring the convergence of Buddhism, Technology, & Culture".  Here we explored the intersection points between these various domains in our increasingly global culture where rapidly evolving technological trends are transforming everything.   

Today, the purpose of Buddhist Geeks is understood as an active exploration of Dharma in the Age of the Network.  How are the various networks that we're connected through changing how we practice Dharma?  How are they changing the human challenges that we're looking to different forms of dharma to help resolve?  What is Dharma in the Age of the Network?